15 Winning US History Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Select American civil war topic and try to look at it from different angles. A good topic would be on writing about the consequences of the Civil War on today`s US development.
  2. Compare the Presidency of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter and try to find similarities towards foreign policy. This may be one of the best US history research paper topics ideas.
  3. Research the reasons of American involvement in Vietnam war. Try to explain why people supported such an ambiguous decision.
  4. Look at the American foreign policy towards Middle East during the Cold War.
  5. Research the relationships between the US and Cuba after Fidel Castro came to power.
  6. Look at the role of the US in establishing NATO in 1949.The biggest and most important security organization in the world was established in Europe after the end of the World War 2, however, the US contributed much to its development.
  7. It is a good idea to select a topic which belongs to America`s recent history. An analysis of Obama`s foreign policy would be a good US history research paper example.
  8. Look at the evolvement of American Constitution from historical perspective. What was the historical background of the main law of the country?
  9. Explore the role of Indians in developing the US. Within this context look at the issues related to human rights and their protection.
  10. Analyze the role of women and a history of women suffrage in the United States
  11. Look at the reasons of great depression in America in the beginning of the 29th century. Were there purely economic reasons for such an economic crisis?
  12. Explore the involvement of the US in the World War 1. Elaborate on the contribution of Wilson`s 14 articles to the construction of new European borders.
  13. As for history research paper topics 20th century analyze American contribution to the World War 2. Why the US decided to get into the conflict and how American people perceived such a step?
  14. Look at the period of the Cold War and try to explain why the US decided to confront Soviet Union in regional conflicts?
  15. Explore the development of the ideas of liberal democracy and American contribution to the evolvement of its values.

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