How To Write A History Research Paper For College: 5 Best Directions

A research paper in history in considered to be one of the most complicated type of thesis. While majority of students from different specialties are struggling with finding information and literature on their topic on complete a dissertation, history students need to learn how to select information and reduce it.

  1. When you start to write a dissertation make sure that you selected a topic which interests you. There is no point in writing a research which will be boring and not useful. Do not hesitate to ask help from your supervisor – professors can help to select a topic which is actual and new and give you tips on how to write history research paper. Your research questions which not be too narrow but at the same time not too broad. Try to use such words as: ‘To what extent? Why? How?’, they may help you to narrow down your topic.
  2. Formulate proper research questions. Do not use hypothesis and empirical way of proving it – as a history student it makes much sense to take a theory and try to test with historical facts. If you could come up with your own theory it can even better, however, be careful with this part, because students usually get bad greats based on the weakness of a theoretical framework.
  3. Use correct methodology. Historians do not usually have a wide range of methods to select from. The common methods used by historians are content analysis, discourse analysis, qualitative methods and interviewing. If you are writing about some recent events do not rely much on interviewing since it is considered to be scientific to ask people about the events which passed. They may confuse information or change their perception of the event in which they were taking part because of the change of circumstances.
  4. Make a good and a clear structure of your research plan. The better the structure – the easier it will be for you to write a thesis. Start with a short introduction where you set your goals and expectations, explain the added value and research question. Continue with a methodology part, thoroughly elaborate on your methods. Then move to the main part which should include a literature views and finish your plan with a conclusion. Do not forget to include a literature and sources list, which should comprehensive already in your research proposal
  5. Start writing your dissertation right after submitting the research proposal. If you want to get a good grade you can start writing a thesis tight before the deadline. A good research demands at least 3 months to be completed in a good quality. Research paper history is even more demanding since you are using a lot of data to complete your thesis and obviously need more time to make this data organized.