How to Write a Bibliography for a Research Paper Properly

A term paper is a complex document that consists of different sections, including a list of references or bibliography. It’s important to know how to write a bibliography for a research paper in a proper way. If you make some mistakes in your list of references, your overall score for the task might be lowered.

Tips for Writing Bibliography for Research Paper

There are different formats for crafting bibliographies. However, the most basic rules should apply to almost all of them.

First of all, a bibliography should be placed after the conclusion chapter and start from a new page. At the top center of the page, you should type “Bibliography” or “List of References.” Then, you should start listing the sources used in your study in alphabetical order by the last names of authors. If a source doesn’t have an author, put it into alphabetical order by title. Different sources should be presented in different ways:

  • Presenting a book.
    The last and first name of the author. The title of a book. City: Publisher, publication date.
  • Presenting an encyclopedia.
    The title of an encyclopedia, edition date. A number of the volume, “Title of the Article,” page numbers.
  • Presenting a magazine.
    The last and first name of the author, “Title of the Article.” Magazine name. Number of the volume, (date): page numbers.
  • Presenting a newspaper.
    The last and first name of the author, “Title of the Article.” Newspaper name, city. (date): section, page numbers.
  • Presenting a film.
    The title of the film, the name of the director, distributor, year.

Getting Assistance with Writing Your Paper

If it’s difficult for you to craft a bibliography for a research paper or compose any other section, you may approach different people for help. First of all, you may go to your instructor on a regular basis and ask them everything that you aren’t sure about. They should provide you with pretty good explanations.

If you think that you cannot write a good paper on your own, you may hire somebody else to do this for you. For instance, you may find a freelance writer or start cooperation with a big online writing agency. Using their services, you’ll get a paper that will be free from mistakes and written well.

Now, writing a list of references should be easier for you. However, don’t take the instructions presented above for granted. Your college or university might have its own specific requirements to formatting a bibliography, so check your assignment guidelines carefully.