Expert’s Advice On How To Write A College Research Paper With Ease

Writing a research maybe a complicated task especially if you have not done it before. You can access many guides and books on how to write a college research paper however, most of them are too extensive and may make your work even more complicated. If you want to write a simple and good thesis just follow these guidelines.

  1. Select a topic you are interested in. Do not look for complicated topics which would be hard to write. You can consult with your supervisor before choosing an issue you would like to focus on. Sometimes supervisor is very helpful when it comes to literature and theoretical framework. Do not hesitate to consult with them on all possible questions you may have.
  2. Think of your theoretical framework. There are many ways to look at the issue you are researching and it is extremely important to find which theory explains your hypothesis best when writing a college research paper.
  3. Methodology is the third most important part of your paper design. Think what kind methods suit you more – qualitative or quantitative. At the same time consider your knowledge of methodology before selecting the methods. If you are not strong in math or statistics it is not recommended to go for quantitative methods. The same applies to qualitative ones – if you do not feel comfortable around people, math and statistics are a better option.
  4. When you considered all the abovementioned aspects turn to your supervisor to confirm your research questions. College research papers usually do not require more than one question however, you can divide your main question into few sub questions.
  5. Paraphrasing and long literature reviews can make your work easier when writing a thesis. Ask your supervisor to recommend you some books and academic articles. Open those materials and use their main ideas and quotes. If using such tactics you can save at least half of your time spent on writing researches.
  6. Spend some time to include as much literature as possible to your literature list. Majority of professors when evaluating students` works focus on the quality of questions, conclusions, theoretical framework and the length of the literature list. Even if you did not use some the books related to your topic feel free to include them in the list. The longer the list – the better for your final grade.

Thus, writing a research may be quite an easy task if you follow these guidelines.