12 Research Paper Topics for a Sociology Class

Your sociology teacher may require you to choose a sociology-related topic and write a term paper about it. Fortunately, there are many research paper topics for sociology projects that one may come up with. However, not all students generate very good ideas without help. If you have such a problem, you may gain some inspiration by examining a collection of sample topics.

A Selection of Research Paper Topics: Sociology

  1. The dangers of gender stereotypes in relationships.
  2. The problem of women being less privileged in the society than men.
  3. The modern American culture and the role of altruism in it.
  4. The negative effects of escapism in the modern society.
  5. The place of sexual minorities in the society.
  6. The role of mass media in shaping the public opinion.
  7. The advantages and disadvantages of conventional schools.
  8. Intelligence or attractiveness: what’s more important to succeed in the society?
  9. The effects of the social decline on morality.
  10. The importance of birth control in the modern world.
  11. The role of the feminist movement in the society.
  12. The effects of the technological progress on the society.

Tips on How to Write Sociology Research Paper

Once you’ve picked your topic, you should begin the work on your academic assignment. You should follow these steps to succeed:

  1. Carry out a study.
    You should gather information about your topic first. Then, you should analyze it and perform some other activities, like interviews, for instance, to reach the goals stated by your topic.
  2. Create an outline.
    Once your study is finished, you should start planning the contents of your term paper. Divide it into separate chapters and indicate which points you’re going to present in each of them.
  3. Write your paper.
    The writing process might be started from any chapter you want. The main thing is to follow your outline and the format indicated in the assignment guidelines. Once all the chapters and sections are written, put them together in the correct order.
  4. Proofread your paper.
    At the end, you should revise all the parts of your text and get rid of various mistakes and inconsistencies. It’s recommended to proofread your paper more than one time to make sure you haven’t missed any errors.

Now, you know what topics can be chosen to write a sociology term paper. Also, you have an understanding of how to organize the work on your academic project. With this information, you’re very likely to succeed and earn an excellent mark.