A Collection Of Strong World History Research Paper Ideas

The scholarship of world history is full of unanswered questions and interesting topics to focus on in your thesis. World history research paper ideas could be found in the library of your respective college or University. You can also take a look at the database of defended papers. Research paper topics world history are always hard to select due to the wide range of issues. In this article, we will focus on the pressing and promising problems which could be a good start for the selection of your thesis problematic.

  1. One of the most interesting and disturbing regions in the world is Eastern Europe. Many scholars have already researched problems related to its historical development, however, there are very few good books and monographs on the evolvement of democracy and democratic values in these countries. Your thesis in the context may be related to the analysis of the political transition in Eastern Europe.
  2. Another interesting region to look at is Middle East. Crises related to Syria and Iranian nuclear program issues may be explained by historical developments in these countries. Majority of scholars focusing on these region pay too much attention to the current events and interests of the countries involved in these conflicts. However, the explanation of the majority of events happening in this region lies in history of these countries.
  3. One of the least researched regions in the world is Africa. The region itself is very complicated and it is quite hard to get there for a field research, therefore you will not find many books and monographs regarding historical developments in Africa. This might be a good reason to selects some African region as a focus, however, be aware of the fact that it will be hard to find relevant literature.
  4. World history research paper topics high school are easier to select. You should not have an added value in your thesis, furthermore the topic can be very narrow and precise. For example, you can look at American civil war. There are many academic articles and books on this topic. Furthermore, the topic itself is very engaging.
  5. There is a number of countries in the world which are considered to be under researched but the importance of which is very significant. One of such countries is Ukraine. Many scholars looked at Ukrainian history within the context of other states of which it was a part – Russia, Poland, Hungary etc. However, as an independent state this country has become a hot topic in international relations and it is important to understand its problems and significance.

Thus, a selection of one of the topics mentioned in this guide will help you to write an innovative analysis and get a better grade.